Change Your Story, Change Your Life

A Roadmap to Reclaiming Your Life Story

This guide will take you on a journey to gain a new perspective on your life.

As human beings we ae hardwired for stories. They are the way we make sense of the world and pass down knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation. Sometimes that advice is just what we need to create love and happiness in our lives. But sometimes the stories we inherit from our parents and the larger culture do not align with who we really and and what we are meant to do in the world. This ebook is an invitation to reclaim power over your life story, to make it more authentic and in alignment with your own vision. It provides a roadmap to reframe the stories you are telling yourself and envision a new story from your perspective as an adult with lived experience. It is a call to become a powerful creator and Shero of your own journey, rather than a hapless victim of circumstance.

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